This is our most comprehensive truck dispatching plan. You can’t beat the service & combo’d with the price, this plan can’t be matched. Fill out the form below to get started! At US you call the shots – We Work for You! Just consider us your remote administrative team. You make the ultimate call on where to be dispatched; with our flat rate fee you you keep 100% of the payload. And we negotiate top paying rates for you. The only thing you have to worry about is the venues you choose & looking good doing it!

Negotiation of Top Paying Rates Let’s face it, some people have different skills & talents. Some people were meant to be ‘rock stars’ & jam out on stage, others are sound engineers behind the scene. The engineer is just as important as the singer to make the show entertaining for the audience. Without the sound engineer & all the other workers behind the scene making things happen, the ‘rock-star’ wouldn’t have a complete show. You are the ‘rock star’ in the drivers seat. We are the guys behind the scenes that makes it all come together. The only thing you have to worry abo

Setup Paperwork Setting up paperwork with a Shipper or Broker can be very frustrating for drivers. Especially if a trucker is having to fill out the paperwork & fax it from a truckstop. And if a load drops on you after all that work has been completed & money was spent copying, printing & faxing? “Oh Boy!”, is a nice way to express the aggravation. No need to hassle with the time & money consuming paperwork ever again. Let us print, sign, email & fax all the documentation for you. Unlimited Fax/Email Documents If you’ve ever had to use a truckstop to copy, scan, or fax your documents

24/7 Dispatch Support It’s 1:00AM & unfortunately your truck has broken down on the side of the road. You need help finding a nearby repair shop & a tow. Give your personal dispatcher a call on their emergency line. Without ‘the works’ plan, it can cost up to $125.00 per occurrence depending on what your emergency calls for. Request Quick Pay We know that shippers & brokers aren’t always known for paying their invoices quickly. Frankly, it seems like some just take their sweet time on purpose. We can either set you up with a broker’s quick pay or negotiate quick pay rates with

Request Certificates of Insurance Things of this nature are time consuming & frankly, quite boring. Waiting for important documentation can be frustrating because it simply isn’t as important to the person sending the information as it is to you. We handle all this so you can focus on driving & anything & everything else. Assist Driver w/ Directions Technology is great! GPS can be a life saver. But let’s be real… it’s not always 100% accurate, and it also varies on how updated your software is. If you need help being guided into a shipper… “we’ve got you covered!” Negotiate Quick Pay Rates Believe it or not, sometimes these rates are negotiable. Factor Setup Assistance Just like it says. Should you decide that factoring your invoices is the avenue you’d like to take, we’ll help you get set up with the factor of your choice.


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