This is an intermediate plan for the trucking company that needs more than the ‘Paperwork Only’ Plan, but less than the ‘Professional’ Plan. Fill out the form below to get started! You call the shots – We Work for You! Just consider us your remote administrative team. You make the ultimate call on where to be dispatched; with our flat rate fee you you keep 100% of the payload. And we negotiate top paying rates for you.

Professional Plan
Negotiation of Top Paying Rates For us You are the ‘rock star’ in the drivers seat. We are the guys behind the scenes that makes it all come together. The only thing you have to worry about is the venues you choose & looking good doing it! Credit Checks In this plan you will receive 1 credit check per week. If you are only needing the ‘Paperwork Plan’ but would like to have access to more credit checks, that’s fine! You would fall under the ‘Custom Plan’ & we would

Fax/Email of Documents This plan has ‘Limited’ the amount of faxes & emails, so that it doesn’t get abused. The only faxing or emails done on your behalf will be restricted to the load being worked on. We are not a faxing or emailing service. However, if you’ve ever had to use a truck-stop to copy, scan, or fax your documents then you know this plan alone can save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary truck-stop fees alone. 24/7 Dispatch Support It’s 1:00AM & unfortunat

Request Quick Pay We know that shippers & brokers aren’t always known for paying their invoices quickly. Frankly, it seems like some just take their sweet time on purpose. We can either set you up with a broker’s quick pay or negotiate quick pay rates with our factoring service connections on your behalf. Request Fuel Advances Let’s face it, gas prices are volatile and trucks don’t get the greatest gas mileage. Having good cash flow is a key component to operating a succes

Direct Access to Your Dispatcher You will have your personal dispatchers office line, cell phone & email. Our motto, “we’ve got you covered” isn’t just about finding you freight. You won’t have to jump through hoops in order to reach the right contact; calling 1-800 numbers, selecting 10 prompts in an automated system to hear “we’re sorry… the person at that extension is not available.” WHAT!? Secondly, you call back, only to jump through all the hoops again in hopes of

Professional Plan

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