At the Setzler, Croskey, Owens &Bondaryk, P.A, we provide family law representation to the Florida residents. Clients that go through a divorce come to us for help; they often face a breakdown of a family that was once a source of emotional and financial support.

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Q: How long does the divorce process last?

A: It depends on whether divorce is contested or uncontested. If the divorce is not contested by your spouse, it can be very quick 2-3 months. If contested, then it will depend on how fast you and your spouse want to reach the mutual resolution about the children, property division, alimony, etc.

Q: I want to get a divorce but my spouse is in a foreign country. Can I still get a divorce?

A: Yes. You will need to serve your spouse with the Petition for Dissolution of marriage in a foreign country. If your spouse is in the country which is part of the Hague Convention, then service of process internationally must be done according to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. If not, there are other ways to serve the spouse in a foreign country. If you cannot locate your spouse, service can be done by “publication.” In order to serve a spouse with the petition by publication, you must show due diligence search.

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